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Apparatus Cases

621 Series Apparatus Cases provide weatherproof mounting facilities for 12, 25 or 50 T1 miniature line repeaters. The housing consists of a molded-plastic card cage, a molded-fiberglass baseplate, and a stainless steel cover that maintains pressure-tight integrity. The non-metallic baseplate improves corrosion resistance and isolates electrical surges due to lightning.

The housing may be mounted vertically on a pole, pedestal, or against a wall in a manhole.
Each housing is equipped with a mechanism that allows the internal card cage to tilt approximately 45 degrees. This provides clearance and increases access to the rear of the card cage for test connection to cable pairs and insertion/ removal of gas tube protectors when the housing is mounted in an area with limited overhead access. The baseplate may be rotated on the mounting bracket in 90-degree increments, allowing three different orientations of the card cage.

621 Series T1 Apparatus Cases are available in two configurations, vented with grease-filled stubs for above-ground installation or pressurized with air-core stubs for manhole installations. Several optional wiring configurations and cable stub arrangements may be user-specified.
Durable, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel cover is easily removed.
A stainless steel V-band assembly firmly clamps the case cover to the baseplate O-ring seal. No tool is required for removal.
The latch assembly uses a T-handle on the tightening nut, and is not affected by ice. Tabs on the latch permit padlocking for security.
Wire-wrap connectors interface between plug-in units inserted at the front of the card cage and lightning protection kits installed at the rear.
Plug-in positions for repeaters are numbered from left to right and bottom to top. Two plug-in positions are designated FF1 and O/W. The FF1 position accepts the single passive fault filter or the dual amplified fault filter. The O/W connector accepts the orderwire/fault filter unit (208-type) which accommodates load coils, build-out capacitors and blocking capacitors.
Retainer brackets prevent plug-in units from disconnecting when the housing is subjected to severe vibration.
Two cable stubs are secured in the housing baseplate through cable strain relief grips that screw onto the end of the hollow conical chambers extending through the housing baseplate, providing an airtight entrance seal.
Underside of baseplate includes an external Schrader valve (to allow housing to be easily pressurized and depressurized) or external vent (for vented units), external orderwire access and ground lug.

AC 4306 Series Apparatus Cases provide an economical means of placing Tl/ISDN span line mini-repeaters, or enhanced electronics in double-width plug-ins, into the copper network.

They provide protection from the environment for up to six minirepeaters, or up to three double-width circuit plug-ins with one additional fault locate slot. The apparatus case is available fully-pressurized with air-core cable stubs, or in a vented with grease-filled cable stub configuration, to allow mounting in most underground or above-ground installation sites.

A sturdy, corrosion-resistant pole/wall mounting bracket is provided with every apparatus case. The aluminum card nest has six slots, with three easy-to-remove dividers to convert the card cage to accommodate three double width plug-ins. The card nest is hinged for access to the card nest wiring for service, or installing the available surge arrestor assemblies. Internal and external order wire attach points are standard in every case.
White enamel, formed aluminum base and dome
Corrosion-resistant mounting bracket
Long service life, even in corrosive environments
Pressurized or vented cases
Houses up to six Tl span line mini-repeaters plus one fault locator.
Houses up to six single-width ISDN repeaters or up to three double-width ISDN repeaters
Three field-removable dividers to allow up to three double-width circuit plug-ins
Uni-directional or bi-directional spans, with ten different wiring options
External orderwire, standard
Totally-grounded system at installation site
One-stub or two-stub cable wiring options
Air-core or filled cables
A captive "T" handle and lockable, stainless steel "V" band clamp seals the domed cover

CiAC 3300 Series 3 slot capacity
CiAC 2002 2 slot capacity for interior mounting
CiAC 1000 Series Single slot for interior mounting



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