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The communications technology of tomorrow has arrived
The light-speed pace of commerce in the 21st century has made video conferencing a necessary complement to the communications capabilities of any competitive business.

Leveraging this new technology has never been easier
Advances in video technologies have enabled network broadcast quality imaging while at the same time increasing practicality and ease of use. With the migration of video to IP, cost-effectiveness has brought video conferencing within the reach of practically any business.


Desktop and small office applications.
As video collaboration becomes a routine part of business communications, cost-effective personal solutions help keep you in the picture without leaving the office.
Meeting rooms.
Augmenting the powerful technology of video are a host of presentation tools that can make the modern video meeting more interesting, informative and effective than in person meetings.
The Boardroom.
The power and influence of any boardroom is enhanced by both the presence and utiliztion of video conferencing technology.
Video solutions for the enterprise.
Video communications can create dramatic improvements in overall organizational efficiency, bringing personnel into close contact over video whenever a collaboration is needed — without the inconvenience and added time of travel.
Video over IP networks.
With IP technology fast emerging as the protocol of choice for video, existing IP networks can often support video communications that reach into every office of a site and even connect remote co-workers through a corporate WAN.

Look to the leader for superlative service and support

GBH is a national leader in video conferencing sales and service. We are fully dedicated to gettting you online and onscreen at the speed you need. We support our sales with the best service programs in the industry, along with superlative training and maintenance programs.

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