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    2012 American Data Supply

    Cable Management Interbay Panels-ICC Cable Management Interbay Panels

    ICCMSCMA51 $23.16

    ATSMSCMA52 $24.76

    Our Cable Management Interbay Panels are made by ICC- The interbay panel design is used to manage bulk cable or patch cords horizontally. The panel is configured with five rings. The lightweight yet sturdy plastic ring design adds flexibility. The panels feature VELCRO® tie anchoring points and variable entry options are available via feedthrough holes, that allow cable to be loaded from either the front or rear of the panel. Outer cable management rings do not extend past the 19 inch panel width, making them ideal for use in rack enclosures or on freestanding racks where space is limited. The panels conform with EIA-310-D spacing standard. Cable concealment is also available with the new optional Cable Management Covers (ATSMSCMC01 and ATSMSCMC02) that give the installation a neat, clean and well-organized appearance.

    ATSMSCMA51 1 RMS, 1.75 x 19 in. $23.16 PER UNIT (Min orders apply)
    ATSMSCMA52 2 RMS, 3.50 x 19 in. $24.76 PER UNIT (Min orders apply)

    RMS = Rack Mount Space, 1.75 Inches

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