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American Data Supply Carries a complete line of command centers and command command control centers from several different manufacturers. Call us at (866) 342-3721 to arrange a no-charge consultation with your IT, architect and MIS departments- we will even arrange a complimentary visit with your corporate management at your facility to ensure the best solution for you company at a verifiable competitive price.

Call us today at (866) 342-3721 to arrange a no- cost consultation or click on our live chat button at the top of the page to talk to us.

Ergonomic criteria already form the focal point of our considerations, even in the design and consultation phase. Because the guage for everything is not the individual’s workstation, but the surroundings in which the individual works. MBA certified consultants will advise you in detail and on-site, and will subsequently draw up a free CAD layout.

Computer Room Furniture and Control Room Furniture.

Get the right computer console, control center or computer room furniture for your equipment, your space, and your function. The products pictured below represent some of the most versatile, well-designed computer room furniture available, combining strength, style, function, and affordability for virtually any control room furniture application. Call our product specialists today for a quick response to any computer console need.  Our products are perfect for:

Features include:

  • Modular design means that units are easy to move or reconfigure when your needs change
  • Enhanced line of sight to optimize views of wall-mount screens and other equipment
  • One, two, and three tier options for maximum design flexibility
  • Steel construction for quality and durability
  • Removable work surfaces and easy-access back panels to make equipment installation and service a snap
  • Low overall height, maximizing sprinkler head clearance, plus enhancing light and ventilation
  • Quick Delivery - You can have your complete computer console set-up in 3-6 weeks
  • Optional decorative end panels and attractive colors give you that designer look for your high-tech command consoles
  • Computer console and NOC furniture to make your data center a showcase.
  • Computer room furniture products to create an ergonomic work place.
  • Control room consoles and control room furniture for multiple types of equipment and multiple operators.
Expert help, responsive proposals, quality products, and quick delivery give you an unbeatable combination. You need it. We know it.

The most up-to-date CAD applications are used for the layout of spatial concepts in order to facilitate a realistic representation of the new workstation system in 3D elevations and stages. Our product experts ensure that all relevant certificates (TÜV, GS, UL, CSA) are acquired, and any special requirements, such as Japanese earthquake test standards, are met.

With our production and logistics, you will benefit from
worldwide production on-site and made to order. To be able to act quickly at an international level, Knürr has established production sites in Germany, USA, Great Britain, Singapore and Switzerland. The specialised production and cost competence of our supply chain guarantees the highest standard of quality, economic efficiency and flexibility.

Both on-site installation and after sales service are provided by experienced specialists. This concerns more than the installation of electronic components or cabling, indeed our engineers will leave your premises only when you are satisfied and the final acceptance report has been signed. And you will always have a contact in the vicinity, no mattter what part of the world you are in. Individual parts are available over a period of many years and all workstations can be easily adapted to changing working conditions - thanks to their modularity.

American Data Supply is a national data cabinet distributor and network rack supplier of quality data cabinets ,2 post racks, 4 post racks, water cooled cabinets, command centers, computer cabinets, server racks, and a full array of enclosures. We also carry several configurations of 2 post racks, 4 post racks, LAN work centers, printer stands, computer workstations, wire racks and KVM switches. American Tech specializes in providing rack mount and cabinet engineering solutions and rapid turnaraound at discounted prices that help your company utilize your data network with optimal space efficiency. We have a complete selection of data cabinet sizes and options with many cabinets in stock we offer rapid turn around in shipping and delivery. We also specialize in custom data cabinet and rack design and manufacturing. American Data Supply offers data cabinets manufactured by Hoffman, Knurr, Chatsworth, Newton Data Cabinets, Great Lakes Data cabinets, Quest Data Cabinets,Kendall Howard, ESW Data Cabinets, Cooper Data Cabinets, B-Line Data Cabinets, Quest Data Cabinets, and cabinets from other manufacturers by request.
Data Center Cabinets' products are compatible with the latest standards established by Dell, HP, IBM, Lanstar, Chatsworth and other server rack and data cabinet suppliers. With locations through the US, we serve all regions of the United States, Canada, Hawaii, AK and South America.

American Data Supply has One Of The Largest Selections Of Network Racks & Data Cabinets At Discounted Prices In The USA

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Data Cabinets-Racks-Raceway Systems

Data Cabinets-Racks-Raceway Systems

American Data Supply has one of the most " extensive selections of data cabinets" in the United States!

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