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American Data Supply 's Extreme Networks Offerings- American Data Supply is now an Extreme Networks Gigabit switch reseller and as a supplier of Extreme Gigabit Switches American Data Supply now offers complete end to end carrier to desktop gigabit ethernet switching solution.
The Extreme Networks® offering includes Summit® fixed configuration switches, Alpine™ and BlackDiamond® modular switches, wireless products, Sentriant™ security appliance, ExtremeWare® operating systems and EPICenter® management software. Our products can help you implement the solution to meet your business needs.

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Wireless LANs (WLANs) have rapidly become a staple of enterprise organizations, increasing end-user mobility and productivity while giving IT managers a new set of challenges to overcome. They must find a way to deploy wireless in a time when staffing is stretched and additional support demands are a key concern.

Extreme Networks® offers two wireless product lines, each suited for different applications and environments. For smaller wireless deployments, Layer 2 data roaming and tight integration with Extreme Networks switches via the Unified Access Architecture™, Altitude 300 access points with Extreme Networks wireless-enabled switches are the preferred choice. These products are built on the award-winning ExtremeWare® operating system and extend the centralized network management of the EPICenter® management platform.

For large wireless environments demanding Layer 3 voice-grade roaming, mobile Quality of Service (QoS), and deployment within any vendor's network infrastructure, Altitude 350-2 access points with the Summit® WM series of switches are ideal.

The Summit WM switches from Extreme Networks transform wireless LAN from being a complicated technology to a high performing, secure enterprise solution that is simple to deploy and operate. The Summit WM100 and the Summit WM1000 offer single-system scalability up to 200 access points for coverage of large enterprise campuses down to small branch offices. In addition, an organization can install multiple Summit WM systems to support deployments of thousands of access points.


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