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The Future

The desire for two-way, video-based services such as interactive television, distance learning, motion picture-quality videoconferencing, and videophones is expected to continuously increase. In fact, some observers believe that there is already a worldwide demand for these futuristic services today. The capability to meet this demand and continuously add new services at mouse-click speed is creating enormous competitive pressures.

Such capability also offers tremendous revenue potential. Service providers who are able to offer these services to an ever-growing customer base can double or even triple their revenue in a short period of time.

As a result, demand for fiber technologies such as FTTH are on the rise. Technology advancements in the area of WDM are expected to further refine and enhance the technology, enabling more service providers to justify the investment in FTTH.

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Fiber-based networks in general evolved in response to consumer demand for a vast assortment of multimedia services and applications. In order to meet this demand, service providers need a robust, broadband networking solution such as fiber technology, which offers unlimited bandwidth and the flexibility to meet customer demand for two-way, interactive, video-based services.

Today it seems that everyone wants high-speed data, dependable voice service, and high-quality video. Whether these services are delivered by digital subscriber line (DSL), cable modems, or wireless architectures is insignificant as long as the service is fast and dependable.

Providing these services, however, presents a number of challenges, including how to get lines out to each customer and how to future-proof the architecture put into the ground today. This tutorial will address one possible solution, which is a fiber-optics architecture called FTTH. There are other terms being used by the telecommunications community such as FTTC or "fiber to the curb" -but the term FTTH has overtaken most others as the "final solution" to delivering high speed communicatgions seamlessly over one medium- fiber optics.

Fiber to the home (FTTH) is the ideal fiber-optics architecture. In this architecture, fiber deployment is carried all the way to the customer's home (premises). Fiber Optic service to the home is the fastest, most reliable and secure method and far surpasses anything that Broadband or "wireless" could ever even dream of. Many people never know that today's vast cellular and wireless network runs and "communicates"via a fiber optic backbone. This is the only way such vast amounts of data can be transported from caller to caller -quickly and securely.

Definition and Overview
1 Introduction
2 Evolution of FTTH
3 Meeting Today's Needs and Anticipating the Future
4 How FTTH Works
5 The Advantages of FTTH
6 Level of Penetration and Acceptance in the Market
7 The Future of FTTH
8 FTTH Suppliers

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