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American Data Supply, a registered CCR contracting supply company has teamed up with Alcoa, Highline Products, Carlon, Commscope, and several other leading osp fiber optic underground equipment manufacturers. Just click on any of the OSP fiber optic enclosures below.American Data Supply carries several models of OSP enclosures from several manufacturers including the CMPH is a versatile OSP closure designed for both new provisioning installations as well as rehabilitation of existing access points housed in metallic enclosures. The CMPH’s superior structural strength, outstanding environmental protection.

Pull boxes can be used next to the Control Buildings.
for extra cable training room. Pull Boxes can stand alone and be used by themselves with conduit for pulling cables.These are just a few examples of Pull Boxes with different cut outs, hole sizes, and configurations.
Highline can manufacture custom Pull Box layouts with customers request. Are used in the underground distribution of power and signals. They provide access to the buried lines and allow an area for splicing and pulling of cable or housing of in-line equipment.

Vaults Transformer Pads

Fiberglass Products

Compresson Molded- Spray Up Series- Transformer Pads

Fiberglass /Polymer Concrete

Pullboxes-Underground Vaults-Flat Pad- Barrel For Fiber Cable

Primary Cabinets

Single Phase Cabinets- Teo Phase Cabinet- Three Phase Cabinet

Pole Top Extensions

Plastic HDPE Boxes

Round Body- Rectangular Body



Pull Boxes

  • 10K and 20K load ratings available.
  • Loading characteristics conform to the Western Underground Committee recommended guide WUC 3.6.
  • Non-conductive.
  • Constructed of fire-retardant materials.
  • Cable entrances available or are easily cut in field.
  • Skid resistant covers.
  • Logo as required.
  • Penta or hex head bolts.
  • Other sizes available upon request.



Materials: Ring & Cover
The pull/splice box ring and cover shall be constructed of polymer concrete consisting of sand and aggregate bound together with a polymer resin. Internal reinforcement may be provided by means of steel, fiberglass, or a combination of the two. The polymer concrete material is to have the following minimum allowable properties to be accepted for use:

Ultraviolet Exposure:   Tested in accordance with ASTM G-53 using an U.V.A. 340 bulb.
Flammability Test:   Tested in accordance with ASTM D-635.
Accelerated Service:   Tested in accordance with Procedure E, ASTM D-756.
Water Absorption:   Tested in accordance with Procedure E, ASTM D-570, Section 5,6,1, and 6.5.
Impact Resistance:   72 foot-pounds in accordance with ASTM D-2444 using a “C” Tup.
Compressive Strength:   11,000 psi tested in accordance with ASTM C-109 loaded at a rate between 28,000 lbs. to 41,000 lbs. per minute.
Flexural Strength:   7,500 psi tested in accordance with ASTM D-790.
Tensile Strength:   1,700 psi tested in accordance with ASTM C-496.
Skid Resistance:   0.50 coefficient of friction in accordance with ASTM C-1028.
Chemical Resistance:   Tested according to ASTM D-543, Section 7, Procedure 1 using the following chemicals:
Sodium Chloride 5%
Sulfuric Acid 0.1N
Hydrochloric Acid 0.2N
Sodium Sulfate 0.1N
Sodium Carbonate 0.1N
Sodium Hydroxide 0.1N
Transformer Oil Per ASTM D-543
Kerosene Per ASTM D-543


Materials:   Base Thickness Tolerance ± 1/16” to 1/8”
Flexural Strength   17,000 – 18,000 psi
Flex Modulus   .59 – .65 psi x106
Tensile Strength   9,100 – 10,500 psi
Impact Strength (notched Izod)   15 – 17 ft lbs/inch
Glass Length   1” random orientation
Glass Fiber Orientation   Non Random
Resin Type   Non-Isophthalic
Filler   Gypsum
Water Absorption   ≤ 1%

Design Load Requirements

The standard product line is designed and manufactured to perform under the following load rating designations:

  • 10,400 # W.U.C. – 10,400 pound load applied over a 10” x 10” (100 square inch) area. This is in accordance with W.U.C. (Western Underground Committee recommended guide # 3.6 Non-Concrete Enclosures).
  • 20,800 # W.U.C. – 20,800 pound load applied over a 10” x 10” (100 square inch) area. This is in accordance with most Department of Transportation specifications for products installed in their right-of-way behind the curb line.

Product Test Procedures

The following test methods have been used in evaluating the physical and chemical properties of the hybrid fiberglass/polymer concrete product line.
Impact Properties (Izod)   ASTM D 256          ASTM D 2444
Compressive Strength   ASTM C 109
Tensile Strength   ASTM C 190
Flexural Strength   ASTM C 293
Chemical Resistance   ASTM D 543
Simulated Sunlight   ASTM D 1501
Vicat Softening Temperature   ASTM D 1525
Water Absorption   ASTM D 570
Ultra Violet Resistance   ASTM G 53
Brittleness Temperature   ASTM D 746
Flammability   ASTM D 635
Static Coefficient of Friction   ASTM C 1028


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