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Kingfisher Fiber Optic Test Equipment-Kingfisher Optical Test Equipment-Kingfisher Test Equipment- Fiber Optic Optic Test Equipment

American Data Supply is a stocking supplier of Kingfisher Fiber Optic Test Equipment and Kingfisher Optical Test Equipment. Most Kingfisher equipment ships i n 2-3 days. Please see their fiber test equipment line of products below.

Kingfisher testers are commonly used during manufacture, installation, commissioning and fault finding of fiber optics line equipment and cables.

NEW Pocket Fiber Source & Meter

We have a fiberoptic tester for most types of fiber optic networks. Our fibre optic cable testers are optimised for single mode and multimode fiber, FTTx/PON, and POF plastic optical fiber.

Established in 1986, Kingfisher International Optical Fibre Testers continue to lead the industry in quality, accuracy, ease of use and productivity.

Our hand held fiber optical testers include:

  • Simple continuity test pen and other simple inspection and fault finding tools.
  • Basic laser / LED light source and meter kits. Dual, triple and quad wavelengths available.
  • CWDM certification, loss and ORL testers.

Kingfisher Fiber Optic Test Equipment

NEW Power Meter

Fiber Optics Continuity Test

NEW Fiber Test Software

NEW FiberTester Kits

Visible Fault Finder

Talk Set


NEW Light Source

Clip-on Identifier

Universal Optical Connector

Loss Test Set & ORL

Connector Inspection

Buried Fiber Fault Locator













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BIF-Bend Insensitive Fiber

New Bend Insensitive Fiber Jumpers