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MRV Products
Ethernet Over Video Switches- VDSL Switches-Ethernet over VDSL (EoV)
Ethernet-over-VDSL providing Broadband Video, Voice, and Data over Telephone Lines

The Ethernet over VDSL (Very high bit rate Digital Subscriber Line) or EoV technology enables the creation of high-speed links of up to 15 Mbps full duplex, over standard telephone lines. The Ethernet over VDSL product line is delivering standard Ethernet traffic over VDSL transport, which reaches distances of up to 1500 m, in parallel to the POTS or ISDN service.

It integrated with the different OptiSwitchT family modules including full support for QoS, rate limitation per flow, bandwidth management, marking and intrusion control over the EoV traffic.

The Ethernet carrier uses standard Ethernet frames, and supports the full range of MRV Ethernet features supported in the OptiSwitchT such as Ethernet switching, Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), VLAN Encapsulation (VMAN) and Virtual LAN (VLAN).

Building Blocks

The EoV solution comprises three elements in addition to the OptiSwitch chassis and modules:

. EoV OptiSwitch modules : available in configurations of 8 EoV ports, hybrid models of 4 EoV ports and two ports of 100Base-FX or two ports of 10/100Base-TX and a repeater module which mixes 4 ports of NT (Network Termination) side and 4 ports of LT (Line Termination) side.
The different modules available in two basic shapes: Fully support for Classification and QoS or Layer2 based EoV modules.

. Extensive QoS EoV : The OptiSwitch EM2004-8EoV module series features MRV unique Ethernet Circuit Switching technology. This module provides EoV Layer 2-3-4 switching capabilities with QoS techniques. The on-board switching engines are capable of recognizing a series of frames as belonging to a specific flow ("Ethernet Circuit"), and apply policy based traffic classification and prioritization based on:
. DiffServ - ToS
. 802.1p queue mapping
. Per VLAN membership
. Per ingress PORT
. Layer 2-3-4 traffic flows:
MAC, IP, TCP/UDP source and/or destination
. Per protocol

High-flexibility bandwidth management with EM2004 QoS modules allows VDSL rate limiting from 64 Kbps up to 15 Mbps on each flow ("Ethernet Circuit") with 1 Kbps granularity. Rate limiting allows multiple bandwidth provisioning policies to be applied and to provide maximum flexibility for network designers to build intelligent network.

. EoV Customer premises equipment (CPE) : an Ethernet over VDSL modem, with a single RJ-45 port for 10/100Base-TX, and two RJ- 11ports- one connected to the voice line that carries the voice and Ethernet over VDSL traffic to the out-going line

. EoV Splitter : a passive device which functions as a low pass filter, which separates the high- frequencies used by the VDSL carrier, from the Voice traffic. The splitter is available in a configuration of 30 ports
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