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RP 420 - Optical Power Meter



The RP 420 Receive Optical Power Meter provides basic power measurements on fi ber optic networks operating at 850nm, 1300nm and 1550nm.

This inexpensive test device provides an added level of safety for the technician by alerting to the presence of an active laser or LED.

The RP 420 indicates the presence of an incoming signal by the Green/Red LED’s on the front panel. In addition to the visual indication the RP 400 provides an audible alert when the incoming signal is modulated 2kHz tone. This incoming tone may be generated by the companion TP 2X0 series Transmit LED or Laser source or any external 2kHz optical source.

Use the RP 420 to check the output at the patch panel or the wall outlet. The RP 420 is also a useful tool for quick power checks on the lab bench or to verify live or dark fi bers in the fi eld. Connection to the fi ber under test is made via the universal 2.5 mm or 1.25mm adapter (order separately). Additional male or female connector adapter styles are available. A readily available battery providing over 1,000 operations powers the RP 420. A fl ashing panel LED indicates low battery.

  • RP 420 – 850/1300/1550nm
  • Audible and visual indication of 2kHz presence
  • Compact pocket size
  • Simple push button activation
  • Accepts all connector styles with unique ODM connector interface
RP 420
800nm to 1600nm
+3 to -40dBm
RP 440-02
+3 to -50dBm
Germanium, 0.1dB

RP 440-02FTTx
+3 to -50dBm
Germanium, 0.1dB

RP 440-03
+3 to -60dBm
InGaAs, 1.01dB

RP 440-03FTTx
+3 to -60dBm
InGaAs, 1.01dB


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