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American Data Supply Is Your One Source For All Your Fiber Optic Tools-Data-Fiber Optic Termination Kits

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Product Features Applications

* Ultra High Isolation
* Low Insertion Loss
* Low Polarization Sensitivity
* Flat Passband
* Telecordia GR-1209 & 1221 Compliant
* Bidirectional

* Telecommunications
* Network Monitoring
* Local Area Network

Applications Key Features

* Data Link
* Local Area Network
* Private Network
* CCTV Systems

* Wide Operating Wavelengths
* High Isolation
* Low Insertion Loss
* Epoxy Free Optical Path

Product Features

WDM optimized for 2 wavelengths : 850 and 1300 nm. This product can be used for bi-directional or mono-directional applications with the same component.

Applications Key Features

* Wide Area Network
* Fiber Optic Sensing
* Local Area Network
* Test Instruments
* Fiber Amplifiers
* EDFA Applications
* Telecommunication Systems

* Configurations in Both 1x2, 2x2 Tube Package or Module Box
* Comply with Telcordia 1221 Reliability Requirements
* Available at Different Operating Wavelengths

Wavelength Division Multiplexers

NOS provides a wide variety of fused-fiber, single mode WDMs. They are used to combine or separate band signals, optical amplifiers, and specifically for EDFA based applications. Our WDMs are made by the Fused Biconic Taper (FBT) fusing process, ensuring consistent quality, reliability and high performance, providing low insertion loss and high isolation.


Key Features

* WDM Metro Systems
* Access Networks
* Amplifier Systems
* Telecommunication

* By FBT (Fused Biconic Taper) Technology
* Available Configurations 1x2, 1x4, 1x8
* Channel Spacing 6nm, 10nm, 20nm or As Specified
* Low Insertion Loss
* High Channel Isolation
* Highly Stable & Reliable
* Complies with Telcordia Reliability Requirements (GR-1221)

Product Features

Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer (CWDM) technology contributes significantly to the growth of a metro WDM system and access networks with a cost-effective alternative to DWDM metropolitan networks.

NOS’ CWDM are made by utilizing fused biconic taper (FBT) fusing process to ensure consistent quality, reliability and high performance. Configurations available are 1x2, 1x4 and 1x8, mux / demux, with low insertion loss and high channel isolation.

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East Coast Sales (866) 650-DATA

ATS-EZFM KIT $2800.00


Key Features

* Portable, self-contained kit
* Provides factory quality terminations under most any field conditions in 10 minutes
* GR-1081 and GR-326 Compliant - Report Available
* Cost-effective termination of fiber anywhere
* Low-loss, high quality terminations
* Kit includes all parts/tools/instructions needed
* Kit includes internal power source (12vDC)
* Minimal training to achieve technician certification
* Utilizes industry standard parts/tools
* EZFieldMate™ Connector Kits support both large and small form factor connectors.
* Full line of optional accessories: Various adapter tips, and 3.5" TFT color LCD


* CATV/Broadband communications
* Homeland security
* Military and defense systems
* Telco (IXC, ILEC, CLEC)
* Enterprise LAN / WAN
* Fiber restoration
* Fiber monitoring
* Aerospace

Summary of GR-1081-CORE Criteria:

The tools, supplies, and materials for installing 50 connectors should fit in a single carrying case. (O3-1)

The carrying case shall protect the contents during transportation. (R3-2)

The carrying case shall provide internal organization for the materials and shall be suitable for carrying from one job to another. (R3-3)

Each carrying case shall have one or more handles and shall be convenient to carry with one hand. (R3-4)

The maximum weight of each case shall be 18kg (40lb). (R3-5)

The carrying case shall be marked on the outside with a title that describes the product. The vintage of all parts shall be traceable to within 3 months of the data of manufacture and may be marked either on the inside or the outside of the kit. (R3-6)

A portable work surface, if required for the field mounting of connectors, shall be available from the manufacturer, and shall meet requirements R3-4 and R3-5. (R3-7)

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