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Optical Time Domain Reflectometers

Anritsu OTDR's -Mini OTDR's

OTDR Model Number: MW9076


American Data Supply Carries the new MW9076 mini-OTDR which can perform an OTDR measurement three to five times faster than the well received, conventional OTDR-MW9070B. Three and four-wavelength OTDRs are included among the new product lineup. The four-wavelength OTDR can measure the chromatic dispersion characteristics from one end of an optical fiber. Two types of color displays with high resolution (5cm) and many sampling points (50000 points) are available for indoor and outdoor use. The MW9076 series shows superior basic performance that enables a wide dynamic range and a short dead zone. It supports the construction and maintenance of the optical fiber cables. Moreover, using this OTDR, it is possible not only to quickly charge a lithium-ion battery but also to indicate the remaining battery charge.


45 dB high dynamic range
Short 8 m dead zone
Simple measurement of chromatic dispersion from one end of an optical fiber
Measurement in 10 s (Full-Auto mode), 0.15 s real-time sweep
5 cm high resolution, 50,000 sampling points
8.4 inch TFT-LCD color display


OTDR Model Number: MW9070B


The MW9070B is a high-performance mini-OTDR for installation and maintenance of subscriber fiber optic lines and other fiber optic cables. It automatically detects the positions of faults in the cable and displays an event table listing faults and a trace waveform. The high-performance mini-OTDR has a large 7" screen while staying within the size of a B5 file and weighing in at only 3.2 kg.

The MW9070B is designed with a wide dynamic range and short dead zone and is indispensable for detecting faults in optical trunk lines, subscriber lines, optical CATV cables, optical LANs, and other types of fiber optic cables. In addition, it is also invaluable in measuring transmission line losses, connection losses, return loss, and other parameters. Six optical units are available, depending on the wavelength and type of optical fiber, making the MW9070B an economic choice for a wide range of applications.


Compact (smaller than footprint), lightweight (3.2 kg)
Simple operation with automated fault measurement
Simultaneous waveform trace and event table display on large LCD
Built-in 3.5 inch FDD (optional)
Wide dynamic range: 41.5/39.5 dB (MW0972C)
Short dead zone (MW0972C): 3 m (fresnel), 8 m (back-scattered)
High-speed real-time sweep to check fiber connections
Manual operation for novice and experienced operation
Visual LD light source (option for units)
Emulation software runs on any personal computer under Windows environment (sold separately)
There are both Singlemode and Multimode Optical Units available
Light source & power meter function (MW0972C optical power meter: Option)

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