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American Data Supply has in stock a complete supply of surface mount jacks from ICC smart home surface mount boxes, modular connectors, faceplates, angled faceplates, wall plates, and angled wallplates. We have a wide assortment of configurations for coax, cat 5e, video, and fiber optics. We represent several leading manufacturers including Commscope, Draka, Future Smart, ICC and others in this area. As for cabling,our UltraHome® cables meet the needs of voice, data, and video applications in one easy-to-install product.

Starting At $1.75 each (CALL For Quantity Discounts (866) 650-DATA)

Surface Mount Jacks IC107SB1xx*-1-Port

Surface Mount Jack Integrated with voice-IC625SB4IV

IC625SB4xx- 6 Pos. 4 Cond.
IC625SB6xx-6 Pos. 6 Cond.
IC625SB8xx-8 Pos. 8 Cond.
IC625DS4xx- 8 Pos. 4 Cond.
with Shorting Bar
IC625DS8xx-RJ31X 4 Cond.
with Shorting Bar

IC635DS4IV- Surface Mount Jack-Integrated voice and shorting bar.

C635DS4xx- 8 Pos. 4 Cond.
with Shorting Bar
IC635DS8xx-8 Pos. 8 Cond.
with Shorting Bar