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Singlemode Fiber Optic Jumpers

American Data Supply has in stock thousands of singlemode fiber optic jumpers. For a sampling please click on the following link. Click for a partial list of singlemode and multimode fiber opticassemblies and pricing. Our prices fluctuate weekly so remember to call us at (866) FIBER-21 for the latest pricing.
Our singlemode (SM) simplex and duplex fiber optic jumpers utilize OFNR riser grade 1 or 2 fiber singlemode cable that meets UL 1666 requirements. These singlemode fiber optic jumper assemblies incorporate connectors that have ceramic ferrules for precision and durability. Each connector and related assembly is visually inspected for flaws, and tested to verify that it meets industry standard requirements.

ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION-Call Us at (866) FIBER-21 For a Complete List Of Thousands Of Singlemode and Multimode Fiber Optic Assemblies We Have In Stock.

ICCFOJ7C4xx* SM Simplex ST-ST
ICCFOJ7C5xx* SM Duplex ST-ST
ICCFOJ8C4xx* SM Simplex SC-SC
ICCFOJ8C5xx* SM Duplex SC-SC
ICCFOJ9C4xx* SM Simplex SC-ST
ICCFOJ9C5xx* SM Duplex SC-ST

xx* = 01, 02, 03, 05 - Length in Meters,

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