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    Telco Systems - 48 Vdc Battery Back Up System


    Small, efficient, reliableand powerful.
    Telco Systems' -48 Vdc battery back up system provides a low cost, compact, un-interruptible power source for EdgeLink® and other telecommunications equipment operating in a customer premises environment.
    It delivers up to 87 watts of power and approximately 8 hours of back up, depending on load. It is the ideal solution for a variety of EdgeLink transport and access products. This unit provides exceptional versatility and functionality for its size and price.

    • Compact size - batteries and rectifier in a 2 RU (3.5" x 17" x 12" HxWxD)
    • Versatile rack (19" or 23") or wall mounting
    • Small profile (2 RU high)
    • Visual and electronic alarms for close surveillance
    • Protection via fused output
    • Connectorized output and alarm cables offer ease of installation
    • Overvoltage protection
    • Current limiting protection
    • Sealed rechargeable lead acid batteries
    • Wide range of North American and International applications
    • Meets agency approved standards


    Benefits and Features

    Electrical Input/ Output
    One Fused Output Lead
    AC Input:
    85 to 264 VAC 50/60 Hz; universal input, worldwide
    System Output Voltage:
    -54V +/- 1% at room temperature
    System Output Current:
    0 to 1.5A minimum, all conditions
    System Output Power:
    87 +/- 5 Watts
    Electrical Protection
    Output Fuse: One 2A/250V fast-blow fuse in-line with the system negative output
    Overvoltage Protection: Output voltage is limited to -58V +/-2V
    Current Limit: Maximum power supply current limited to 1.65A +/- 0.15A
    DC Short Protection: 60 volts maximum and 2A fast-blow fuse
    Four 7.2AH 12 Vdc Batteries
    Battery Life at 77°F or 25°C
    7.2Ahr at 20 Hour Rate (360mA)
    6.8Ahr at 10 Hour Rate (680mA)
    6.8Ahr at 10 Hour Rate (680mA)
    4.9Ahr at 1 Hour Rate (4900mA)
    Battery Recharge Time
    6 +/- 2 Hours with 1.5A Charge Current (no load)
    Low Voltage Disconnect
    At 41 +/- 2.0V
    Reconnects when main output voltage returns to 49 ±2 volts
    System Normal:
    Green LED
    Low Voltage:
    Yellow LED/LV Alarm Closure
    Loss of AC and/or Rectifier:
    Yellow and Red LEDs/AC/Rectifier
    Alarm Closure
    No DC Output:
    Green and Red LEDs/Rectifier
    Alarm Closure
    Fan Fail:
    Flashing Yellow
    LED/LV Alarm Closure
    Batteries and Rectifier in single Enclosure
    Rack Mount (19" or 23")
    Wall Mount
    17.0” (43.18 cm)
    12.0" (30.48 cm)
    3.5" (8.89 cm) (2 RU)
    31 lbs. (15.5 kg) Including Batteries
    Operational Temperature:
    0° to 50° C ambient temperature
    Channel Noise:
    less than 32 dBmc maximum, all conditions
    AC Ripple (peak-to-peak):
    1% of the output voltage,
    20 Mhz bandwidth
    EN 60950 (CUL1950); CE
    EN55022/CISPR22, Class A
    FCC CFR Title 47, Part 15,
    Sub-part J, Class A

    Multi Service Access
    Channel Banks
    T1/E1 Electrical-to-Optical Converters
    Frame Relay
    Integrated Access
    Mini DCS
    Battery Backup

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