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Carrier Ethernet

Carrier-class Ethernet enables service providers to leverage the ubiquity of Ethernet to provide service scalability, end-to-end service level agreements (SLAs), performance and fault management, bandwidth efficiency, and support for multiple services that will differentiate them in a very competitive market.

Ethernet's adoption by global data-communications service providers, enterprises and the home networking market has spurred its evolution into a more complex technology. Beneficial new features, increased speed, capacity and power have raised questions of proper usability and service delivery for network operators. The standards and protocols for deploying and supporting carrier Ethernet services are being written by the ITU-T, IETF and IEEE. These same protocols can be easily used to support carrier Ethernet services as defined by Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF).

Telco Systems use of industry-standard engineering protocols to effectively deploy carrier Ethernet services provides a practical blueprint for service providers looking to bridge the gap between today's Ethernet/Legacy deployments and tomorrow's carrier-Ethernet services.