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Ethernet Demarcation

Realizing the potential of Ethernet in the access network requires intelligent demarcation to separate the service provider network from the customer in order to deliver and manage carrier-class Ethernet services to the customer edge.

Telco Systems offers a wide range of Ethernet demarcation products, the results of leading-edge intelligent Ethernet demarcation device development, that enable service providers to migrate their service offerings from a first generation, best-effort solution (service-unaware) to a more robust managed solution that supports an array of differentiated Ethernet First Mile OAM (operations, administration and maintenance) features, or to a fully service-aware solution that supports traffic classes, rate limiting, multiple EVCs, link aggregation and link protection, and a host of troubleshooting tools. In all cases, the provider can deploy the solution that best suits the customer's requirements without impacting the customer's network.


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