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Telco T- 5 Modular Routing Switch- Managed Routing switches- Multilayer Telco Systems Switches- Nebs Compliant Switches- 10/100/1000 Nebs Compliant Switches

"The results show that Telco Systems' T5 Compact outperforms Cisco's Catalyst 2950G-48 convincingly in every test performed"- Click Here

American Data Supply These modular platforms offer service providers cost-effective high-speed IP, VDSL, and VoIP solutions. T5 are fully managed, non-blocking, IP platforms with support for a variety of multi-port interface modules that accommodate VDSL, 10/100 Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and VoIP services on copper or fiber facilities. Each T5 supports up to 64 fast Ethernet ports or 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports with a variety of copper and fiber interfaces and as many as three T5s can be directly stacked. T5 supports twice the number of interface modules as the T4. Cost-effective high-speed IP, VDSL, and VoIP solutions Modular design with a large variety of interface modules
Cost-effective fiber optic solution Optional Layer 3 IP switching provides effective data routing and flexible network management.



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