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Telenetics-Industrial Modems- Rack Mount Modems-Leased Line Modems

American Data Supply now carries a complete line of industrial modems, rack mount modems and leased line modems.Telenetics has developed a family of industrial modems and modem products to service the growing need for efficient, reliable data communications in utility substations, industrial facilities and similar harsh environments. Our modems will provide all this without compromising the performance expected from state-of-the-art communications devices.

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The Myriad Rack Mount Modem Bank is an industrial grade, 19" 3U (5.25" H) chassis with slots for 18 modem cards and 2 power supply cards. Each modem card can be installed with any of Telenetics popular Pony Express modem modules, from Bell 202T to V.32 bis.


The HideAway Self-Powered modems are designed for those applications where no external source of power is available.

The HideAway derives its power from two isolated sources: (1) The RS232 interface and (2) the telephone line.

The HA2400LP model is a 2400bps dial modem, used extensively for connection to equipment diagnostic and maintenance ports.


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