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    American Data Supply has teamed up with Vanguard MS who since 1962, has pioneered a variety of superior networking technologies including routers and switches for your home office to the central office. We can help you build the foundation of a new network — or integrate converged video, voice and data technologies into your existing network.

    Vanguard Applications Ware is Vanguard Managed Solutions (VanguardMS) innovative multi-service, multimedia and multi-application networking software for your vital business applications. Vanguard Applications Ware is intended to fulfill today’s needs, yet is structured for easy advancement to future technological innovations.

    Vanguard Application Software

    The modular software structure of Vanguard Applications Ware allows you to select appropriate software components for your needs today and build on them as your business changes. The three base licenses each support a multitude of applications and can be further enhanced with the addition of upgrade licenses. The three base licenses are as follows:

    Vanguard IP+ Applications Ware
    Vanguard SNA+ Applications Ware
    Vanguard Multi-Service Applications Ware

    Vanguard Applications Ware Upgrade Licenses
    Upgrade software modules add functionality to the base modules and can be used as your requirements dictate. They provide you with a strong migration path to either newer technologies and/or to services as they are required.

    Upgrade licenses are as follows:

    Vanguard Voice Applications Ware
    Security Applications Ware
    Vanguard AS/400 Applications Ware


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