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    Wallplates-Residential Wallplates- Residential Faceplates- Faceplates-Wall Plates-Stainless Steel Wallplates- Angled Faceplates- Angled Wallplates


    American Data Supply has in stock a full line of telephone walljacks and data walljacks, inserts and "Smart Home Wall plates and Faceplates". We also carry a complete line of CAT 5e Cable, Fiber optic cable, residential cabling and wireless products for contractors, builders and custom home owners.

    LOW PRICE GUARANTEE: American Data Supply will NOT BE UNDERSOLD. Just provide us with a written quote from any U.S. competitor and American Data Supply will MEET or BEAT their price!

    We are currently working with the TIA and several other manufacturers and organizations to bring you the latest in technology offerings in this exciting new market. We help general contractors, cabling contractors and builders of homes with the design and supply of all their smart home product needs. For additional information visit our affiliiate site at ATEK for additional information on installation of smart home products.

    Standard Wallplates-(Not Angled) As Low As $ .49 each- Minimum Quantity 100 pcs- Call For Special Contractor Pricing- We Have Thousands In Stock- Ready To Ship

    Call for Quantity Discounts (866) 342-3721 or (866) 650-DATA or click on the chat button at the top of the page to talk to us.


    6 pos. 6 Cond. and CAT 5e

    ICRDSVF0xx* 6 pos. 6 Cond. and CATV

    ICRDS0F5xx* CAT 5e and CATV

    ICRDS2F5xx* CAT 5e and CATV



    6 Pos. 6 Cond., CAT 5e and CATV



    6 Pos. 4 Cond.

    IC630E60xx* 6 Pos. 6 Cond.

    IC630E4Gxx* 6 Pos. 4 Cond. CATV

    IC630EGOxx* CATV

    IC630EGGxx* CATV

    IC630S40xx* 6 Pos. 4 Cond.

    IC630S60xx* 6 Pos. 6 Cond.

    IC630S80xx* 8 Pos. 8 Cond.

    IC630S44xx* 6 Pos. 4 Cond.

    IC630S66xx* 6 Pos. 6 Cond.

    IC630E44xx* 6 Po., 4 Cond.

    IC630E66xx* 6 Po., 6 Cond.

    IC630DB4xx* 6 Pos. 4 Cond.

    IC630DB6xx* 6 Pos. 6 Cond.

    IC630SS4xx* 6 Pos. 4 Cond.

    IC630SS6xx* 6 Pos. 6 Cond.

    IC630S4Gxx* 6 Pos. 4 Cond. and CATV



    Stainless Steel-IC630DA4SS 6 Pos. 4 Cond.

    IC630DA6SS 6 Pos. 6 Cond.

    IC630SG0xx* CATV

    ICRDSVF5xx* 6 Pos. 6 Cond., CAT 5e and CATV

    IC107FWPxx* 1-Port


    IC107CICxx* Caps, 10 pcs./bag

    IC107AF2xx* 2-Port, Single

    Faceplate is designed with an angled bottom and accommodates modular connectors.

    IC107AF4xx 4-Port, Single Angled Facplate


    IC107AF2xx 2-Port, Single Angled Facplate

    IC107DA2xx* 2-Port, Single NEW Angled Faceplate