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An ISO 9001-2000 company, Wilcom has been the telecommunication industry's first source for world-class products and solutions for over three decades. Telecom companies and related enterprises use Wilcom devices to improve services, expand product offerings, solve problems, reduce downtime and much more.

Telecommunications Test Equipment

Noise and transmission problems are constant battles in the best of worlds. With emerging technologies like IP-video over DSL delivered to the customer over existing copper pairs, it's more vital than ever for telephone companies to test and maintain their outside copper plants.

Wilcom designs and manufactures a full line of copper loop test equipment, including subscriber loop test sets, a cable shield test set, digital signal probes, artificial test lines and more.

D560 Non-intrusive Digital Clamp-on Probe

Wilcom introduces a revolutionary new design to provide non metallic, nonintrusive access to T1 carrier span lines for testing purposes.

The D560 Non-intrusive Digital Clamp-on Probe provides a technician nonmetallic access to a T1 signal on insulated twisted pair without affecting the signal being monitored.

When used with a T1 Test Set, the user can perform tests as though tied directly to the copper wires. Jack the bantam plug into any compatible T1 Test Set and clip the probe tip onto the twisted pair. The self powered unit operates as though jacked directly into the system with metallic connectors.
  • Plug-in Line Sections w/ Lattice Network and Ground Path

  • Plug-in Load Coils w/Switchable Faults

  • Precision Networks

  • Compromise Networks

  • Switches for Connecting a Bridged Tap

  • Capacity for a Line Using 56 Modules
  • Means for Connecting Single or Double Split Pairs

  • Five Simulated Bridged or Grounded Ringers

  • Unbalanced Series Resistance Decade

  • Build Out Capacitor

  • Carrying Case for Module Storage

Transmission & Cable Test Sets

The T336B Digital Circuit Test Set has been designed to carry on a tradition: the tradition of utility, reliability, quality, and serviceability, set by the widely-accepted Wilcom Model T136 Series of Circuit Test Sets.

The Wilcom T336B Circuit Test Set now provides the features most wanted by installation and repair personnel- DIGITAL READOUT and AUTO-RANGING measurements. But the T336B provides MORE, dc Voltage and Resistance measuring capability. These capabilities, coupled with the ability to measure LOOP & GROUND CURRENT, CIRCUIT LOSS, CIRCUIT NOISE and POWER INFLUENCE, give the telecommunications service technician a powerful tool for total evaluation of circuit performance.

Measuring features built into the T336B Circuit Test Set will provide the telecommunication technician powerful circuit diagnostic and measuring capabilities. Technicians of the telephone operating companies, common carriers, inter-connect companies, and large telecommunications users will have many applications for the T336B Circuit Test Set.

The T279 Circuit Termination Set provides the termination and balance arrangements required for sectionalizing noise measurements on a circuit. It is designed to facilitate noise investigations by installers and repairmen. When it is necessary to make noise measurements on sections of a circuit to identify the section which may be introducing the noise, it is necessary to provide the proper termination of the section under test with an appropriate terminating resistor and a well balanced center tapped coil to provide means for maintaining the longitudinal circuit. The balance of the coil must be such that it will not contribute any unbalance to the circuit under test.

The Model T279 includes a balanced center tapped coil, a terminating resistor, two pairs of clip leads labeled FIELD and CO, and binding post terminals labeled TO MEAS SET. A toggle switch selects the direction in which measurement is to be made, either toward CO or toward FIELD, as shown on the front panel schematic illustration. The balance coil is connected across the line in the direction of measurement, while the line in the opposite direction is shorted and connected to the coil center tap to maintain the longitudinal path. A binding post terminal labeled G provides a means for making an external connection to the coil center tap. This terminal should be left unconnected during most measurements.

The T136 Basic Circuit Test Set is designed for use by the installlers and repairmen in conducting circuit transmission and noise measurements without using elaborate or expensive equipment. It allows for simple, easily read loop parameter measurements. The T136 provides a 600 µ AC impedance and a 430 µ DC impedance across Tip and Ring, insuring a precise termination for performance testing. These impedances are in compliance with EIA specification RS470.

All operating functions are selected via single six position rotary switch. DIAL position allows for the external connection of a remote telephone handset directly to the line, by connecting to the square Dial Posts. The dialing and holding arrangement provides switching from DIAL to other functions without disconnecting the line. BATT-TEST enables the T136 to test and verify the conditions of the unit batteries. GND mA (on T136BGMZW only) connects the mA circuitry to Ring and Sleeve of the line under test, without the necessity of manually disconnecting the set from the line and connecting directly across these two points.

The T304B/T305 Bond Current Meter/Probe is a light weight, rugged, easy to use test set that is designed to measure alternating currents from 10 mA to 100 A. When used with either a T305 or T272A Current Probe, the T304B will measure cable shield currents without disrupting or disconnecting cable shield connections. The T304B's bond checking feature allows immediate on-site bond condition assessments to be made.

The T304B Current Meter is a battery powered test set designed to display the output of the T305 and T272A Current Probes. These probes connect to the T304B through dual banana jack connectors. The T304B features a seven position switch selecting current ranges of 100mA, 300mA, 1A, 3A, 10A, 30A and 100A. A battery test button allows instantaneous display of battery status. In addition to an on/ off switch, which is mechanically forced to the off position when the cover is closed, a switch selects use of either the T305 or T272 probes. The T304B is powered by four 9V batteries which will provide approximately 300 hours of normal (intermittent) operation.

Wilcom T124 Cable Shield Splice Tester is an accurate measuring device which provides measurement of the conditions existing at cable shield splices, checks the integrity of ground connection, and checks the condition of capacitors across insulated splices. Two probes, capacitively coupled to the shield of the cable under test, are connected to very high-input impedance amplifiers contained in the probe assemblies. The outputs of the two amplifiers are fed through a cable to a balanced transformer circuit in a measuring set. The measuring set is connected to any stable ground.

When the two probes are placed on the same section of cable, the two signals generate a very low level reading on the measuring set; this reading is taken as a reference. The probes are then placed across a splice. If the shield splice is good, the two probes pick up the same signal level, and the reading on the measuring set equals the reference previously measured. If the splice bonding is defective, a higher reading is observed on the meter. The difference between the reference reading and the reading across the splice is an indication of the nature of the fault.
The T207 Longitudinal Balance Test Set is designed to measure the longitudinal balance of single-port or two-port circuits and devices. This test set permits evaluation of relays, feed coils, networks, long-line units, amplifiers and other equipment present on the typical communications circuit. These devices may have poor longitudinal balance and thus contribute to the susceptibleness of the facility.

The measuring technique and circuit configuration conforms to the IEEE standard 455-1976 for Longitudinal Balance Measurements. Longitudinal balance measurements may be made at single frequencies in the range of 40 Hz to 4 kHz. Also, as an added feature of the Model T207, a figure of merit balance measurement may be made using a shaped waveform which is representative of a power induced noise spectral distribution. Single frequency measurements on circuits with balance approaching 80 dB can be made with a typical accuracy of ± 1 dB.
The T240 Artificial Cable Kit is an advanced concept in artificial cable kit design providing line sections which closely represent actual telephone cable sections, and including facilities which simplify and expedite the analysis of fault conditions on a cable when used in conjunction with the Wilcom T195 Level Tracer. Switches are included for introducing conditions which normally would require the removal of modules from an artificial line and then reassembling the line.

New features make it possible to set up conditions for analyzing the effects of split pairs, unbalanced grounded ringers, high series resistance unbalance, shunt capacitance unbalance, bridged taps, and the effect of missing or improperly connected load coils, and to estimate how many bridged ringers may be on a loop. Appropriate precision and compromise networks are provided for return loss and impedance measurements. All modules are enclosed in 2" X 2" X 3/4" aluminum cans and equipped with rugged connectors for insertion and receptacles on a plug-board panel.

Digital Testers

Wilcom introduces the industry’s only non-metallic, non-intrusive Digital Signal Identifier. Comfortable to hold and easy to use, the light, but rugged D550 Non-Intrusive Digital Signal Detector SHARK is a breakthrough in Digital Signal Identification on copper pair cables. It eliminates accidental downtime (and unnecessary repair calls) on active copper pair cables due to metallic access. With adjustable signal sensitivity the D550 SHARK can be used at any distance from the CO or repeaters.

Wilcom’s SHARK provides a non-intrusive method of identifying digital signals in bundles of wire. Simply by touching the wire insulation with the probe, never causing damage to the wire, the SHARK gives both audio and visual indicationsof an active digital signal. The SHARK takes the guess work out of which wire to cut or splice.

Wilcom introduces a revolutionary new design to provide non metallic, nonintrusive access to T1 carrier span lines for testing purposes.

The D560 Non-intrusive Digital Clamp-on Probe provides a technician nonmetallic access to a T1 signal on insulated twisted pair without affecting the signal being monitored.

When used with a T1 Test Set, the user can perform tests as though tied directly to the copper wires. Jack the bantam plug into any compatible T1 Test Set and clip the probe tip onto the twisted pair. The self powered unit operates as though jacked directly into the system with metallic connectors.

Automated Testers

The T166B Multi-frequency Tone Generator is designed for use in ESS type office or PBX’s, or in any office where a control lead or a dry circuit (no battery during idle) cannot be provided. The test line operation is initiated by application of ringing voltage to the pair assigned to the test line.

The T166B Multiple Frequency Reference Tone Generator is useful in making one-way transmission measurements where it is necessary to evaluate the frequency response characteristics of the line or trunk. The T166B test lines may also be arranged to provide a quiet termination which can be used to make noise measurements.

The T166B includes a stable reference tone generator, designed to supply up to ten tones all cycling in any sequence. Tones in the frequency range of 200 to 5000 Hz can be provided.

The T164-02 Combined Test Line is a combined test line which provides a stable mW, 1010 Hz reference tone for an 8 to 10 second period followed by a quiet termination.

It is designed for installation in a remote office or PBX, and provides means for making one-way transmission and noise measurements as required for connection appraisal surveys. The unit is available as rack mount equipment.

The T164-02 is designed for use with 101 ESS PABX or similar equipment where a test line control lead, such as the S lead, is not available, and where a dry circuit cannot be provided. In these cases, the call is initiated by ringing voltage on the pair.


xdsl Splitters

Wilcom's full complement of broadband accessories includes central office and customer premise DSL splitters for peak Internet performance of video and other data-rich content.

Fiber Optic Test Equipment

Network service providers, carriers and optical fiber cable and systems installers rely on Wilcom loss test kits, OTDRs, optical fiber identifiers and more.

Fusion Splicers Line Treatment Products

Telecommunications Test Equipment

Wilcom solves noise and transmission problems with unique copper loop test equipment. Devices include artificial test lines, longitudinal balance test set, cable shield test sets, subscriber loop test sets and more.

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