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ICC 110 Connecting Blocks- 110 Connecting Blocks


IC110 connecting blocks utilize double-ended insulation displacement contacts (IDC) that terminate 22-26AWG solid or stranded wire. The blocks are available in 3, 4, and 5-pair sizes with industry-standard colors.


IC110CB3PR 3-Pair 110 Connecting Block, 10 pcs/bag
IC110CB4PR 4-Pair 110 Connecting Block, 10 pcs/bag
IC110CB5PR 5-Pair 110 Connecting Block, 10 pcs/bag

ICC Cat 5e 66 Blocks- List Price $ 5.95 each

We have modified our packaging of our 66 blocks to make them more contractor friendly. They are individually shrink wrapped and labeled for easy single unit sales. ICC now offers 66 blocks in quantities of 50 items per carton.  This will help inventory concerns at most distribution channels, along with convenient shipping both for ICC and its customers.  For additional information, please contact your customer service rep using the contact info below.  Pricing is still based on unit quantities -suggested list is n 5.95 each.  Product can be individually ordered or ordered in carton quantities.

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