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    FC Fanouts- FC Fanout Cable Assemblies

    MTP Fanouts- FC Fanouts- FC Fiber Optic Fanouts- FC Fanout Fiber Cable Assemblies-FC Fiber Optic Fanout Assemblies-MTP/MPO to FC Fanouts -Fiber Distribution Modules-MTP Fanouts-FC Fanouts- FC Fanouts- FC Fanouts- FC Fanouts- Fiber Optic Couplers

    American Tech Supplies supplies a complete line of FC fiber optic fanout cable assemblies to accomodate our modular cabling system products including the FC fiber optic distribution modules and FC fiber optic connections’ Easy LAN cabling solutions- that offers you a flexible fiber optic solution allowing for easy, cost effective installations as well as upgrades that will support your growing bandwidth requirements. It consists of 3 products that simply plug together from the fiber optic modules, fiber optic cable and fiber optic enclosures. These are available from Fiber Connections. We can ship most products in 24 hours.

    The simple ‘plug in’ feature of the Fiber Distribution Module (FDM) eliminates the need for on site termination resulting in fast, easy and cost effective installations. FDM's are designed to provide a compact and secure modular cabling system that is compatible with hardware that Fiber Connectionsoffers or existing hardware that the customer already has in place.

    American Data Supply also carries a complete line of couplers including singlemode adapters, multimode adapters, ST-SC Adapters, SC-ST Adapters, ST For a complete list of products, please click here. Fiber-Conn offers a full line of adapters and adapter panels designed for the use with Fiber-Conn RAC and WAC series enclosures. 6-, 8-, and 12-fiber panels are available. The 6-fiber panels are offered in ST, FC, SC duplex and simplex, MT-RJ and LC connectors. 8-fiber panels are offered in ST, SC duplex and simplex, and FC connectors. The 12-fiber panel is offered in SC duplex connectors. Fully preloaded adapter panels are available. We also offer preloaded adapter panels with pigtails and patch cords.

    The Following Products Were Desinged For Space Saving Features ideally suited for Data Centers, Universities and Financial Instituitons.

    They are called Modular Cabling Solutions and are designed for space saving applications while utilizing modular type technology.

    FC Fanouts

    MTP/MPO on Jacketed Ribbon Cable Fanned out to
    900 micron legs with FC connectors

    FC Fanouts

    MTP/MPO on Bare Ribbon Cable Fanned out to 900 micron
    legs with SC connectors



    FC Fanouts

    MTP/MPO on Jacketed Ribbon Cable Fanned out to 3mm OD
    legs with FC connectors, also available with 2mm OD legs..


    MTP Fanouts- Call For Pricing- (866) Fiber-21 (866) 342-3721

    ST Fanouts

    SC Fanputs

    FC Fanouts

    LC Fanouts

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