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ICC Blank Patch Panels- Flush Mount IC107BP Blank Patch Panels




ICC is incorporating its newly designed set of blank patch panels with modular retainers, designed for added connector stability, which provides a rigid fit. The design allows the connectors to be flush with the front of the panel. They accept any combination of ICC's IC107 modules. Use 12-24 x 5/8 inch screws (ICACS01xx) for distribution racks and 10-32 x 5/8 inch rack screws (ICACSS02BK) for cable management racks.


IC107BP8VB 8-Port, Vertical, Flush Mount, Includes 89D Bracket
IC107BP016 16-Port, High Density, Flush Mount, 1 RMS
IC107BP032 32-Port, High Density, Flush Mount, 2 RMS
IC107BP048 48-Port, High Density, Flush Mount, 3 RMS