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IC108PP Blank Patch Panels


IC108PP reinforced aluminum patch panels are pre-numbered and accept any combination of Elite bezels with IC107 modules, providing true multimedia. They allow front loading for easy installation. These Elite patch panels can be mounted on standard 19 inch racks or wall mount brackets. Use 12-24 x 5/8 inch screws (ICACS01xx) for distribution racks and 10-32 x 5/8 inch rack screws (ICACSS02BK) for cable management racks.

IC108PP006 6 Bezel Openings, 1 RMS
IC108PP012 12 Bezel Openings, 2 RMS
IC108PP018 18 Bezel Openings, 3 RMS
IC108PP024 24 Bezel Openings, 4 RMS
IC108PP036 36 Bezel Openings, 6 RMS

RMS = Rack Mount Space, 1.75 Inches

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