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American Data Supply is looking to fill part time or full time telecommunications sales positions with experienced sales people working from home (or from our new warehouse facility in Clearwater, Florida) with telecommunications or data communications experience.

Our Latest Ad: We are looking for 10 additional sales people for our Clearwater distribution facility but also for regional/statewide experienced sales reps with the following experience to work from home.

We are looking for experienced sales staff that has telecommunications hardware experience formerly with a manufacturer of switching equipment, datacom, fiber optic, cable -cat6-6 coax cable sales including ex Tech Data, Synnex, Graybar, CSC, Anixter, Accutech or any datacom distributor.

Sales executives will be provided all the materials and leads to earn up to and more than $100K a year from home.
Our 12,000 page website allows you to offer over 200,000 products from fiber optic to osp to networking to power and power distribution sales to data centers.

We are growing in this economy and are looking for team players to earn an excellent income.

We are seeking currently employed telecommunications sales professionals or former experienced telecommunications sales professionals to grow with our company. If you have had experience in Telecommunications sales, or have had a telecommunications career, we would like to talk to you. American Data Supply is a national distributor with a large breadth of products as well as suppliers- ready to serve you. Our business model is not a new concept, but it incorporates the advances of the growth of the Internet along with State of the Art Internet Marketing.

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We are looking for sales people in Every City In Every State in America Including Puerto Rico, HA and Alaska. Government and Data Center salespeople are also preferred.

We are looking for qualified telecommunications salespeople in the major metro areas such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, Tampa, Miami, Los Angeles and more.

The sales positions are available in every city in every state in the USA. When we fill these positions - we will protect your geographical territories by not putting additional reps in your area. Large metro areas like Chicago, New York - etc. do not apply as there are billions being spent in these individual locations on telecommunications projects and infrastructure. So be the first in your area to join our team. This is the best opportunity to literally start your own business at home- without a financial investment. We will require Non- Compete and Confidentiality agreements to be signed in order to qualify as we will be offering company leads and company national accounts to qualified individuals.

If you have one or more of the following qualifications, then you will be able to make unlimited income from home. You MUST be able to know one or more of the following:

  • Fiber Optic Cable- know the difference between a multimode and singlemode fiber optic cable
  • Know the difference between CAT 5 and CAT 6 cables
  • Have worked for Networking or Integration Company
  • Have sold Telephone Systems and Telephone Cable
  • Have worked in the US Military in Telecommunications
  • Have worked for a Data Contractor or Project Manager for a Cabling Contractor
  • Have worked a manufacturer representative representing telecommunications hardware
  • Have worked as a factory representative for a hardware telecommunications manufacturer of cable, switches, any telecom hardware
  • Have worked in long Distance and know the basics of telecommunications networks
  • Know the difference between coax, fiber cable and copper cables
  • Know Gigabit Switches
  • Have worked in Structured cabling and design
  • Have worked in Fiber Optic Cable and Design
  • Have sold data communications equipment
  • Have worked for a telecommunications distributor
  • Have worked for a wireless carrier
  • Have worked in a Central Office or Data Center
  • Have had your own business in any of the above markets

If you are a natural closer but are tired of your "9-5" or want something different in your life-or have a child on the way and need to work from home, if you are disabled- or whatever the reason- our sales opportunities will allow you to earn as much income as you want in the time that you want to invest. We are looking for enthusiastic, energetic, positive people that do not want any borders or limits on their income. Earn as much as you want while being part of a dynamic industry that helps in building communications systems throughout the world.

Here are some of the salient JOB DESCRIPTIONS and potential markets you will be calling on and what our telecommunications sales professionals will be required to do

Besides the sales experience listed above you will be required to perform some of the functions below:

  • To remain as an "active" salesperson, American Data Supply , we will require you to answer incoming telephone sales leads we get from our website and mail marketing.
  • The more active you are- as far as sales- and sales follow up- the more leads you will receive.
  • We have thousands of leads for you to follow up on including thousands of data contractor, general or electrical contractor leads
  • One of our sources for contractor sales is www.thebluebook.com. This contains thousands of contractor leads all over the USA. The leads are broken down into geographical and "type" of contractor. You could make thousands of dollars a month just concentrating and developing and growing this part of the business.
  • We have 12,000 US Government and State government IT and MIS/Data Communications buyers and executives that need to be called and vertically 'worked".
  • Besides answering our leads- we expect you to develop you own accounts with your direct calls to our lead base. This is where you will make the majority of commissions from 50-60%.
  • For national accounts or major local clients- you may be asked to make a personal visit. In that case- and this is on a case by case basis- you will be compensated for expenses if you have to leave your local area. Since you will be a 1099, or independent contractor- you will be required for all your own expenses.
  • Call on carriers, regional telecommunications data centers, carrier hotels, cable companies, ISP's , CLEC's (Competitive Loop Exchange Carriers) and more. These are the larger accounts with many products selling at one time. Typical sales in this category are in the $100K range.

If you follow our guidelines and work with your talents- you can expect to make a minimum of $ 2-4K a month working part-time in the first 3 months. If full-time- you may make as little as $ 4-5K or much-much- more in the first 60 days. This all depends on how much time you want to invest in building your leads and customer base.

You will be selling everything from $ 1.00 cat 5e patch cords to $ 25,000 water cooled data cabinets with margins as high as 35%. Switches, DWDMS (Dense Wave Division MUxes- or CWDM systems are in the 6- figure range with single sales of $ 60K not uncommon. Then the large carrier or fiber to the home deployments can bring in hundreds of thousands of feet of fiber cable - some of the cable sells at $ 2-$4.00 per foot with margins as high again as 35%. Sales is a numbers game and the more clients you have and the more efficient you are in asking the right questions to the right- qualified buyer- the more successful you will be.


  If you like helping people help themselves in a dynamic environment- Write us today
Combining this new technology with traditional sales we have a created a newer and better 'distribution model'- for the 21st century. Our new business model provides our customers a 'virtual showroom' where will be able to order a multitude of products the same day- from you while you work from the comfort of your home. We are in the process of building an entire new website that will have over 10,000 pages of products - each of which will be able to be shipped the same day. This is revolutionary in the telecommunications industry and we will be the first company in the USA if not the world to offer this technology. The "value add" of this technology will be priceless to any MIS/IT or purchasing agent from any company or any organization.  
  At this time, we do not have any "telecommunications training" positions- so please do not apply or call if you do not have telecommunications sales experience. This is for experienced telecommunications sales people only.

You will be required to have high speed DSL or Broadband Internet in your home along with an "Unlimited" Long distance calling plan-there are several in the USA for about $25-$ 49.00 per month. You will need unlimited long distance calling plans as your customers will be located throughout the United States. You also need to be computer "literate" as there will be extensive use of MS Word/Excel and other software.


Work from home from any state to grow your income and your business.

Work from home as an independent contractor making sales calls to professional businesses, government accounts, data contractors, electrical contractor, security professionals, or any of the rapidly expanding markets from wireless to fiber to the home technology. Every office from real estate agents to doctors, dentists to commercial businesses all require this equipment. New commercial buildings require hundreds of thousands of dollars of this equipment. Data centers, fiber to the home projects, private and municipal wireless networks all require our equipment.Be a par of this exciting lucrative field by sending us your resume today.With the telecommunications market in its second year of an anticipated multi- year expansion in full gear- our sales opportunities can offer unlimited income potential for the trained professional. Typical incomes should range from $ 75k to over $200K- full or part time. However with our lucrative- industry-leading commission structure it is possible to make much more- right in your own home.

American Data Supply has been in business since 1997 and has consistently grown its business with a proven business model for over 10 years. Having a successful business model we are expanding rapidly and are looking for telecommunications sales people and telecommunications account managers across the USA.

With our 175,000 products, you can pick or choose which market you would like to focus on- and sell product to. Whether it be fiber optics, gigabit networking, central office, OSP (outside plant), wireless , Smart Homes- FTTX-FTTH Fiber To the Home- Fiber To The Curb, you have an opportunity to make more income working from your home than most high level executives.

If you are an ex- RBOC, employee such as SBC/Pacific Bell, MCI, Independent Telephone Company, Telco Carrier, Graybar, Anixter, data contractor sales person or any other telecom/datacom supplier ex-employee–and looking to get back into the business, or want to make a change in your life- this could be a great opportunity for you.

If you like to call on professional IT personnel, MIS departments, purchasing managers from small business looking for network equipment to Fortune 100- Fortune 2000 companies, to government entities that are looking to spend over $ 100 billion on fiber optic, datacom, switching and biometric security systems, this is the job to you.

There are no territories and the sky is the limit for income potential

We will even consider full time salaried employment if you meet all our requirements after your minimum six month (6 month) probation/sales performance period. We pay up to 60% commission on the NET PROFIT for all sales and you are paid WEEKLY. Typical commissions run from 30% for company supplied leads to 40% for standard accounts, and up to 60% on special sales promotions and self generated accounts. We prefer computer savvy, enthusiastic salespeople that want to make high commissions. We also prefer someone with broadband or DSL access, as there are very large files to send via email.

American Data Supply is an established Internet Catalogue backed supplier/distributor for over 175,000 products such as fiber optic cables, telecommunications /fiber, switches, gigabit switches, routers, CAT 5e CABLES, CAT 6 and much, much more.

We are also looking for potential private investors to take our company into 25 national locations in high growth cities over the next 60 months. Please contact our CEO at ceo@americandatasupply.com for more information. OUR proven business model has resulted in an annual growth rate of 23% per year. We will require that an NDA be signed for additional information.

Please send your requests for more information and/or resumes to



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