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ICC Patch Panel Numbering Strips -Patch Panel Numbering Strips


ICMPPSCIxx* Voice (6 ea.) and Data (6 ea.)

ICMPPICVxx* Voice (12 ea.)

ICC's patch panel numbering strips were created to provide an expandable, easy-to-use numeric identification system.Color icons are designed to apply to any patch panel for easy system administration and station identification. There are 12 icons per tree available in 9 colors There are five individual self-adhesive strips on each sheet. Sheets are numbered in a series from 25 to 504.


ICMPPNLB01 Numbered 25-144
ICMPPNLB02 Numbered 145-264
ICMPPNLB03 Numbered 265-384
ICMPPNLB04 Numbered 385-504