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USOC Patch Panels-110 Type Patch Panels -ICC USOC Patch Panels



These high-density USOC patch panels and 110 Type Patch Panels are offered in either 4 or 6-conductor USOC wiring configurations, with color-coded IC110 connecting blocks on the back of the panel. Designed to accommodate 22-26 AWG cable, the panels are available in port sizes of 24, 48, and 96, in addition to a 12-port vertical configuration. Package includes 12-24 x 5/8 inch rack screws for use with distribution racks. (For cable management racks use 10-32 x 5/8 inch rack screws, ICACSS02BK).

Advantages are:

High-density configuration optimizes rack mount spacing
Folded edge frame for added strength and security


ICMPP012U4 12-Port Vert., 6P4C, USOC, 4-Conductor
ICMPP024U4 24-Port, 6P4C, USOC, 1 RMS, 4-Conductor
ICMPP048U4 48-Port, 6P4C, USOC, 2 RMS, 4-Conductor
ICMPP096U4 96-Port, 6P4C, USOC, 4 RMS, 4-Conductor
ICMPP012U6 12-Port Vert., 6P6C, USOC, 6-Conductor
ICMPP024U6 24-Port, 6P6C, USOC, 1 RMS, 6-Conductor
ICMPP048U6 48-Port, 6P6C, USOC, 2 RMS, 6-Conductor
ICMPP096U6 96-Port, 6P6C, USOC, 4 RMS, 6-Conductor

RMS = Rack Mount Space, 1.75 Inches

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