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    American Data Supply carries a complete line of Zone 4 Relay racks including ESW- (ESW), formerly Encore Products, Inc. Zone 4 Racks, Zone 4 Cabinets, Newton Zone 4 Racks & Zone 4 Data Cabinets, Hendry relay racks,ladder racks, data cabinets, raceway systems, distribution racks, cable management racks and enclosures for very application from the telephone closet to the network room to your co-location data center. Call us today for a price quote at (866) 650-DATA.

    See Cabinet In EARTHQUAKE TEST!! - Click Here

    An optional model of the X Mark Ultra Server
    has been Seismic Tested and Approved, and meets or exceeds Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) requirements for Earthquake Zone 4 conditions, Bellcore GR-063-CORE, Section 5.4.1 certification

    The Zone 4 data cabinet or zone 4 Seismic Cabinet was extensively tested by an independent testing facility and passed with flying colors. It was subjected to static load test conditions and Zone 4 earthquake vibration test conditions in accordance with NEBS document TR-000063, Issue 4, 1992. There was no visible evidence of damage or deterioration to the cabinet as a result of the earthquake vibration test. The maximum displacement of the cabinet did not exceed the simple amplitude of 3 inches. More information as well as test results are available upon request.

    See Cabinet In EARTHQUAKE TEST!! - Click Here

    ESW's exclusive enclosure system, Magnitude VII, is built to withstand a 7.1 Richter Scale earthquake. It has earned the Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS) Zone 4 Certificate of Compliance. In order to obtain this certification, it has to withstand extreme testing procedures without damage to its frame. Thus, during a severe environmental disaster, vital equipment will not be damaged or destroyed. The Mag VII is capable of holding up to 700 lbs. of distributed weight.

    The Mag VII door has bullet hinges that will withstand seismic shaking. They also enable the door to open 180 degrees for trouble-free access.

    Because of the stringency of this compliance certification, customization of the Mag VII is limited. Standard color selection and sizing options are still available

    Zone 4 Racks-Cabinets

    • Reinforced upright rails
    • Thick, 16-gauge steel doors
    • Reinforced 20-gauge steel side panels
    • Available with solid, mesh insert or plex insert doors
    • 10-gauge top and bottom


    We Now Carry Hendry & Newton Racks and Accesories- Due To The Recent Hendry-Telect Merger- Some Hendry Products May Not Be Available

    -Click Here

    Seismic Rack

    Newton Symmetric Equipment Rack
    Get cabinet load capacity for an equipment rack price Sturdy 11 gauge (HSLA: High strength, low alloy) frame. Our revolutionary seismic equipment rack is Zone 4, Level 3 certified to hold a massive 875 lbs.

    Newton Tubular Cable Rack....
    Designed to "standard" data center dimensions, 119 1/2" long
    Lighter weight, saves on freight !!!
    Tubular design, easier to handle and install than heavier, solid side

    Hendry Zone 4 Racks


    Zone 4 Earthquake rack

    Spec's-click here

    Sturdy 11 gauge (HSLA: High strength, low alloy) frame

    1,250 lb. load capacity, NRTL (Nationally Recognized Test Lab) certified, meets Telcordia, GR-63-CORE, Level 3, zone 4 requirements
    (test results available upon request)

    Single or multiple key options

    Three point locks

    Easy to Install
    Removable side panels, secured from the inside

    Interchangeable mounting uprights, accommodate either 19" or 23" equipment

    Removable, spring hinged, doors, provide ease of access in central office line up

    Exposed grounding holes in base save installation time

    Additional Features
    Floor to ceiling air flow, avoids "airflow short circuit"

    Quality construction from an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer

    Deeper- Lighter

    Lower Cost

    Newton Economy Enclosure.....it's new, it's economical.
    A complete cabinet with doors and side panels for under $ 1000.00 (when volume discount is applied) !!
    Extra depth to accommodate servers and rear cabling
    Width option for 19" equipment is only 24" overall saving office space.
    Plexi glass front door as standard.

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